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Huizenga Park


Beloved downtown parks across the country are often managed by a nonprofit organization independent from local government. The Huizenga Park Foundation will serve in this important role and provide the elevated level of service required for a vibrant downtown park.

The Huizenga Park Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2022 to promote, advance, foster, and support the reimagining of Huizenga Park.


The Huizenga Park Foundation is working to raise $5 million to support the park's construction, one-third of the estimated project cost. As the transformation of the park continues, the Foundation will operate and maintain the reimagined Huizenga Park to ensure it is managed as a world-class destination for decades to come.

Steve Hudson

Steve Hudson Headshot

Meet the Huizenga Park Foundation Board

The Huizenga Park Foundation is led by a dedicated group of community leaders committed to build and operate a world-class Huizenga Park in the heart of DowntownFTL. The entire board consists of 22 civic, business and cultural leaders that believe great cities like Fort Lauderdale need iconic downtown public spaces.

  • Steve Hudson, Chairman

  • Karla Thatcher, Secretary

  • Julie Medley, Treasurer

  • Jenni Morejon, President

  • Elizabeth Van Zandt, Vice President

  • Ken Stiles

  • George LeMieux

  • Shane Strum

  • Seth Wise

  • Patrick Campbell

  • Jake Wurzak

  • Jodi Tanner

  • Ken Krasnow

  • Christina Jolley

  • Bonnie Clearwater

  • Peggy Marker

  • Peggy Olin

  • Kareen Boutros

  • Jim Fritz

  • Lori Wheeler

  • Keith Costello

  • Robert Lochrie

  • Gale Butler

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