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Huizenga Park


Introducing the Reimagined Huizenga Park: DowntownFTL's signature gathering space! 

Huizenga Park will become Downtown Fort Lauderdale’s signature gathering place, exquisitely designed, activated, safe and comfortable. A space for everyone, to be used from morning through the evening, and every day of the year. A series of uniquely designed outdoor rooms will set Huizenga Park apart from traditional parks, offering opportunities for leisure, dining, physical activity, events, and meet-ups. A reimagined Huizenga Park will set the new standard for urban parks in Fort Lauderdale. 

Take a tour of the Reimagined Huizenga Park to learn more about the park's improvements.

Decades in the Making: Huizenga Park's Evolution



The DDA purchased the land for Huizenga Plaza in the 1970s as part of a larger land acquisition effort to revitalize Downtown Fort Lauderdale by bringing civic and cultural amenities to the urban core.


Huizenga Park was built by the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority more than 25 years ago when downtown was primarily an employment center. To attract residents and visitors to the urban core, the DDA built a space well suited for large community events.

Downtown’s significant growth in new residents and the emergence of a dynamic metropolitan center creates the need to reinvest in our signature public spaces. The vision for reimagining Huizenga Park has been inspired by planning studies completed over the past decade, from the Riverwalk District Plan in 2010 to the recommendations from the Urban Land Institute in 2018.  


The park commemorates prominent Fort Lauderdale entrepreneur H. Wayne Huizenga, founder of three Fortune 500 companies and owner of three South Florida sports teams. Huizenga’s impact on the growth of DowntownFTL and his long-standing legacy of philanthropy is unmatched.

The new park concept will bring more energy and life to the area... I love the concept of making an interconnected flow throughout the park and the Riverwalk.

Michelle D'Avolio

DowntownFTL Resident

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much will it cost to build Huizenga Park?

The projected cost to construct the reimagined Huizenga Park is $15 million, excluding the restaurant component which is to be built by others.

Who is funding the Huizenga Park project?

The Fort Lauderdale DDA is leading the effort to design and build the reimagined Huizenga Park and has committed $1.5M to date towards the project.


The City of Fort Lauderdale, recognizing the importance of investing in downtown public spaces, has committed $5M to reimagine Huizenga Park as part of a partnership with the Fort Lauderdale DDA.


The State of Florida has committed to invest $950,000 to the reimagining of Huizenga Park.

Approximately one-third of the construction costs will be funded by private donations through a capital campaign led by the Huizenga Park Foundation.

What is the schedule?

The design for Huizenga Park was completed in Fall 2023.

Demolition of the existing amphitheater is expected to begin early this year with a formal groundbreaking in May 2024.

Where can I learn more about what the Reimagined Huizenga Park will include?

Take a tour of the unique experiences that will be available in Huizenga Park by clicking here.

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